How A Social Security Lawyer Can Help You Win Benefits

Social Security disability cases can be quite complex; it is usually in the best interest of the claimant to engage the professional services of a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee. There are two different types of benefits available to those suffering a mental or physical disability; SSDI for those that have worked and accrued sufficient “quarters of coverage,” and SSI for those who have limited income and assets, are blind or are over 65 years of age.

There is no requirement that applicants for SSDI or SSI have to have legal assistance; however, a skilled Social Security lawyer can help in numerous ways. Having a lawyer increases the chances of winning as well as securing a disability onset date in the claimant’s favor.

Some claimants will contact a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee for help in preparing the initial claim, but lawyers usually are not involved until the claim has been denied and the disabled individual is faced with appealing the decision.

Presenting the case at the hearing:

Although the Administration can be asked to reconsider their initial decision, rarely does this result in a reversal. The most important stage of the appeals process is the hearing. The hearing is held in the presence of an administrative law judge. Although a hearing is informal, many people still find it hard to present their claim; this is one area in which legal representation helps.

Before the hearing, a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee will have gathered evidence to support the client’s case and presented it to the court promptly. Many people who represent themselves fail to get approved because they are not aware that the ALJ needs recent evidence that confirms the disability and a prognosis as to how long it is expected to last.

A Social Security lawyer in Tennessee will present the claim in a concise and organized fashion and will have worked to gather all the evidence needed to improve the chances of winning much-needed benefits.

If your claim for disability benefits was denied, a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee can help. To discuss your case, contact The Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Follow us on Google+.

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