How Can the Pediatric Dentists in Albany NY Help You Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy?

Working to keep your child healthy involves many different aspects. As a part of your child’s health, it is imperative you keep their teeth and gums healthy and free of health concerns. To ensure your child’s smile stays healthy, you need to make sure you provide good oral care at home. This means making sure you brush your child’s teeth twice a day and floss as often. Many dentists recommend their patients brush their teeth after each meal, to make sure all food particles are removed before they can turn to plaque. With the care you provide at home and care through the Pediatric Dentists in Albany NY, you can rest assured your child’s smile will stay healthy and they will develop a love of caring for their teeth for life.

The Dentist Will Work to Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy and Strong

At each dental appointment, the Pediatric Dentists in Albany NY will first clean your child’s teeth. The cleaning process is extremely important, because it is able to deeply clean your child’s teeth. This removes plaque and food particles from areas you may miss with the toothbrush. The tools the dentist uses are very effective in cleaning the teeth, so they are not in danger of decay. As a part of the cleaning process, the dentist will also floss your child’s teeth. Children are prone to getting cavities between their teeth, so this is an important step.
In making sure your child’s teeth are clean, the dentist will also treat his or her teeth with a special fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel on the teeth, so they are strong and not prone to cavities. This helps to ensure your child’s teeth will not be damaged through decay eating away at the tooth surface.

As a part of the dental appointment, your child’s teeth are examined and X-rayed. The examination helps to ensure your child is not suffering with any oral health concerns, while the X-rays show problems the dentist may not be able to see with the eye. This ensures any problems are found early, so they can be treated promptly.

To ensure your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy, schedule an appointment with Capital District Pediatric Dentistry. Through preventative dental care, your child’s smile will be healthy through adulthood.


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