How Computers are Changing the Face of the Law

In recent years, it seems that nearly every field of industry is changing. With computer technology increasingly integrated into daily life, how we work, play and live is impacted in numerous ways. One of these concerns the way our legal system works, and how lawyers, legal assistants and the computers they rely on are changing the face of the law.

NLP in the Law

NLP – or natural language processing – is a technology that combines statistics, computer science and linguistics to allow computers to understand human language and project what might be next in a sentence or series. Using this programming, we have cellphones that can predict our text messages and digital personal assistant programs that can hold conversations with us.

NLP law applications are helpful for reducing the amount of time and resources necessary to analyze bulk text, perform menial legal tasks and answer short, simple questions for consumers. In embracing this type of modern legal outsourcing, professionals can focus their efforts more fully on litigation, transactions, and preparations at hand.

Changing the Lay of the Land in Law

Many modern legal practices are beginning to apply artificial intelligence and NLP to their daily work. This allows smaller firms to handle more work, providing better results for their clients. Additionally, this technology is changing the overall way the law is handled in the United States. With more practices employing the technology than ever, there is a marked increase in NLP law programs and their efficiency. This increase means applications are getting smarter, and taking the place of those who would otherwise have been tasked with handling the most tedious legal tasks. Who knows – in ten years, we may handle all of our most basic legal proceedings through the use of computers programs.

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