How Do the Dentists in Kohala Treat Cavities?

Cavities can occur at any time in your life. Healthy teeth are not normally prone to cavities, because they have a strong, protective covering. When that covering becomes compromised, you can begin to experience decay. This is why it is imperative you keep your teeth healthy and strong, by brushing and flossing as often as you should. For most people, brushing twice a day and flossing before bed is sufficient. If you eat meals high in carbs or enjoy a sweet treat, you should brush after each meal. If you do experience a cavity, the Dentists in Kohala can treat it, so you do not continue to experience damage. Click here for more information.

When you first go for your cavity treatment, the dentist will numb your gum tissue, before injecting you with Novocaine. It is important you are fully numb, so you do not experience any pain while the dentist is working on your tooth. Once you are numb, the dentist will either use a drill or a laser, to remove the decayed areas of your tooth. Removing these areas is crucial, because it stops the damage progression and pain.

When this tooth tissue is removed, an opening is created. This opening will need to be filled, so your nerve is not exposed and causing you pain. There are different filling materials your dentist may decide to use. Porcelain, resin and metal alloy materials can be used, depending on how severe the damage is in your tooth.

If your tooth is severely damaged by decay, the dentist will most likely decide to not only fill the tooth, but also cap it with a crown. A crown completely covers the surface area of your tooth, so it is protected and stronger. This allows you to have full function of your tooth, without the risk for loss.

If you have a cavity that needs treatment, contact the dental office of Brian S. Kubo DDS. Kohala They will provide you with the cavity treatment you require, so your tooth stays healthy and strong. They offer a wide variety of dental treatments, to ensure your smile stays healthy and free of oral health concerns.


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