How Experts in Dentistry in Waikiki Perform a Root Canal Procedure

Tooth decay is one of the major dental health complications in the country as well as the major cause of tooth loss. Decay normally happens as a result of poor eating habits, and even poorer dental hygiene practices. When decay is caught in time, it is possible to salvage the root. The root canal procedure is one of the ways in which dentists try to deal with tooth decay. Here is a detailed description on how experts in Dentistry in Waikiki perform a root canal procedure.

Who gets a root canal?

For the dentist to arrange for a root canal procedure, they have to inspect the tooth and make sure that it can be saved. If you have a toothache, cavity or fracture, the dentist will take an X-ray of the tooth and perform a pulp test to establish you could benefit from a root canal. The pulp test involves using hot and cold stimulus.

The procedure

If the dentist decides that you would benefit from a root canal, they will set up an appointment. Once they have prepped you, they will use some local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the area surrounding it. When the patient is sedated and comfortable, the dentist will use a rubber dam to keep saliva from soiling the area around the tooth. The dentist will then make an opening from the top of the tooth. They will then remove the entire pulp from the chamber and canals. The reason this is done is because when a tooth has decayed, the pulp is normally infected and cannot be saved.

The next step is the cleaning of the now open cavity. Sodium hypochlorite or other disinfecting solution is normally used. The canals are then shaped to create room for the canal filling material. The tooth will then be filled, and you may get a crown to protect the tooth from cracking in the future.

Those are the steps that experts dentistry in Waikiki follow when they are performing a root canal. If you have cavities, tooth decay or a fracture, you can contact these dentists and save your tooth from complete loss. Go to for more information.


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