How Furnace Brazing Adds Value

There are several ways to join metals. One of the most common is welding, and there are many different methods and options with this process. However, welding requires substantial heat applied to the area to be joined, resulting in changes to the metal at the weld and in the surrounding area.

Another common method is through brazing. Brazing uses a filler metal with a melting point lower than either of the metals to be joined. This means the two metals never reach a point of physical change, which prevents changes to the metal parts.

Additionally, with filler metal being drawn into the joint through capillary action during the process, the bond at the joint is extremely strong. This, combined with the ability to complete the process without changing the metals or requiring additional heat treatments, makes brazing a fast, low-cost and highly effective option.

Faster Processes with Furnace Brazing

It is possible to complete brazing by hand, but it is also possible to use furnace brazing methods to complete large batch orders with quick turnaround times. In these processes, the parts are prepared, the filler applied and the process completed automatically, for identical joints.

Of course, as with any type of brazing process, the key to the best joints is in the correct pre-brazing prep of the area to remove any oils, grease or residue. Additionally, the furnace brazing has to be designed specifically to suit the metals being joined in everything from the choice of the filler metal to the speed of the belt as the batch moves through the furnace.

The joints produced by experienced brazing used automated pre-brazing prep, which includes the precise application of the filler metal, have excellent strength, top aesthetics without the need for additional treatments as well as extremely limited distortion of the metal and the part as a whole.

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