How is an SR-22 Certificate Likely to Change Liability Insurance in Mundelein IL?

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Insurance Agency

An SR-22 is a frustrating but very real situation for about 1.5 million Americans every year. This is the average number of people who receive a DUI in the United States, and neatly all of them are labeled with an SR-22. What is an SR-22 and how does it affect Liability Insurance in Mundelein IL?

An SR-22 is a certificate provided to people who have received a DUI (though it is not necessarily received every single time). It may also be received for someone who was driving uninsured or involved in a major accident where they were at fault. Lastly, it can be added to a driver’s license to someone who has accumulated a certain number of points (which varies by state).

The purpose of the certificate is to report that the driver is a risk, and insurance companies have taken that distinction very seriously. It is so common now in Liability Insurance in Mundelein IL that it is dubbed “SR-22 Insurance,” for high-risk drivers. Theoretically, a driver could get SR-22 liability insurance in Mundelein IL without that certification on their license.

It changes the liability insurance in a very obvious way- the cost. The cost will increase appropriately simply for having the certification on the license. Other factors will then contribute to the plan. Some insurance companies may drop a policyholder during their renewal period of they received an SR-22 certification. This will force the policyholder to upgrade to the special policy for drivers with that high-risk certificate.

The certificate is demanded by the courts, but it must be reported to the insurance company. The insurance company will deliver the certification. If an individual was pulled over and they had an SR-22 mark on their license, they would have to provide that to the officer.

The claim does not necessitate an increase in insurance cost, and there are ways to keep the price fair or close to the same as it was before. The clear goal for the certificate is to establish that this driver is properly insured, the company understands he or she is a risk, and that the driver will remain insured. dropping insurance with an SR-22 certificate is worthy of a substantial sentence. Browse around here.

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