How is Terrazzo for Bathroom Applications?

If you are considering installing a terrazzo shower floor in Miami, you may wonder what you can expect. Terrazzo is a beautiful material that is traditionally composed of pieces of marble or glass and concrete however, it comes made of other materials nowadays. While it’s important to consider whether terrazzo is in your budget and fits your style, there are a few other things that you should know.

Benefits of Terrazzo

When it comes to bathrooms, terrazzo has a couple of different benefits. The first is that it is low-maintenance and known for being extremely long-lasting. As long as you properly care for it, it can last decades or even hundreds of years. The second benefit is that terrazzo in its nonporous form is stain and water-resistant, while also resisting bacteria. Terrazzo is also eco-friendly and does not release any organic matter into the atmosphere.

Style Considerations

Aesthetics are another matter to consider before buying up terrazzo for your bathroom. One of the excellent aspects of terrazzo is that it comes in all sorts of colors or color combinations. You can choose something monocolor and simple or choose something with a handful of different colors that work well together. One thing that you can expect is to have a floor that is unlike that of anyone else’s, which can be a perk for some.

Type of System

You will find options for a terrazzo shower floor in Miami, as well as options for countertops, or outdoor areas. Make sure you choose the right option for your environment. When working with a bathroom, you are best off to choose a nonporous system that will resist water. In addition, epoxy-based terrazzo can be installed over existing material for a remodel. We recommend a nonporous system based on epoxy for the extra sanitary qualities you will experience.

Other Concerns

Terrazzo can be more expensive than some other materials available, so be sure it is within your budget to use. You also will need to take care of it through both day-to-day cleaning, like mopping, and regular professional cleaning and polishing to ensure it lasts a long time. This can add even more money to the requirement for terrazzo so be sure to include that in your considerations.

When you want the best terrazzo around, Trend Terrazzo is the destination you need.

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