Music is loved and appreciated by people all over the world. Every celebration or ceremony is incomplete without music. Music adds more life to the ambiance. Music has no linguistic or cultural barriers. That is why Korean songs gain popularity in India than its own country, or an Indian song makes Americans dance like never before. Even if one is not trained in music, one may feel a deep connection with music — such is the power of music.
Music can control your mind and make you feel refreshed. Many people like to listen to some lively music when they get up in the morning so that the energy is maintained throughout the whole day. Sometimes, it may act as a stress buster and even make you feel relaxed.

Making a career in music is not as easy as it seems. Passion and dedication must also be backed with some professional guidance. This guidance can prove to be a game changer for you and your career in music.

A career in music is often found synonymous with being a singer. Music involves many things such as sound design, music composition, music
arrangement, live performance, electronic music or even those who know the instruments such as guitar, violin, keyboard, tabla, drums, etc.

Music training includes both practical and theory. A student who wants to pursue a degree in music has to clear both the exams.

A Music production course fees are not as costly as an academic degree. But it depends on the academy from where you choose to learn. Mostly, learning is not that costly, but it may be in some metro cities.

On an average, the examination fees will be around 2500 to 6000 per grade. This fees many vary from academy to academy.

The music classes would also charge monthly fees of around 2000 – 3000 for teaching an hour every day.

Books, CD’s and other small expenses may add to 2000 – 5000.

So if we sum up the total expenses for a year, it would be around 50,000.

The prices may differ academy wise and also city wise.

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