How Ordering Customer Furniture In Long Island, NY Can Be Completed In Three Easy Steps

When it is time to give a house a makeover, one of the most critical elements is the furniture that is used to finish the room, and while standard generic pieces are an option, custom furniture in Long Island, NY can give an area a one of a kind look. On the surface, ordering custom furniture can seem like an overwhelming process, but the right design firm can make it easy. Here is a quick look at the process and a few tips to make ordering the perfect furniture simple.

Choose A Style

The first step is to choose what style of furniture a person wants and, in most cases, a homeowner is only limited by their imagination. Whether a person is looking for a retro design or a more traditional look, a designer will be able to pull styles from a selection of manufacturers to find the perfect piece. Think outside the box and choose unique furniture to give a room an upscale and elegant appearance.

Wood Selection

Once the style of custom furniture in Long Island, NY is chosen, the next step is to select the wood that is used to construct the piece and the type of stain that is used on any exposed elements. The selection of wood choices is not overly large, as most furniture is constructed of hardwood products that withstand exposure to weight and temperature changes. When selecting a stain, be sure to choose one that will compliment any existing elements.

Fabric Choices

The last choice is the type of fabric that is used for any cushioned surfaces. Thicker fabric options are popular because of their durability, but individuals who are looking for a more modern appeal may want to consider those that are made from a lighter weight material. The last step is to choose the color or pattern of the fabric, and it is essential that it works with any rugs or draperies that may be incorporated into the overall design.

With a little research creating beautiful custom furniture can be simple. Individuals who are looking to remodel a room should contact Interiors by J.C. Landa, as they offer full design services from start to finish. Visit  to view a portfolio of their past work and see how easy a professional can make any makeover project.

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