How to Become an EKG Technician

Have you always wanted to work in the healthcare field because you love helping others in need? Working in healthcare is an enticing opportunity, but trying to balance your work schedule and the time it takes to go to school can be overwhelming for you. Plus, you need to weigh in the cost of going to school to become an EKG technician, it can get expensive. However, there is another choice for you, and that is enrolling in an affordable program that will provide you with EKG tech training in a few months rather than years of going to school. To enroll in this course the requirements are simple, you must be 18 years old, have a GED or high school diploma, it isn’t required but preferred that you have some knowledge of physiology and anatomy and BLS/CPR certification is provided by the program.

Features of the EKG Program

The staff team consists of professionals that have years of healthcare experience, and the classes are small which allows instructors teaching the class to have more one on one time with students if needed. You will have hands on training with EKG equipment during your course of testing and training as well as being taught how to handle patients and setting up the EKG equipment. Program includes; exam prep for certification, laboratory materials covered in class, learning data recording from a veteran EKG tech and you will be taught cardiovascular system functions. There is no requirement for you to have any experience in order to enroll.

The Duties of an EKG Tech Include the Following:

   *   Provide the EKG Data to an Physician for Later Analysis
   *   Conduct Stress Testing and Holter Monitoring
   *   Record the Electrical Impulses of an Patient’s Heart
   *   Test and Monitor a Patient’s Cardiovascular Performance Using an EKG/ECG Machine
   *   Attaches RKG Electrodes to Appropriate Points in Patient’s Chest
   *   Prepare Patients for Stress Testing and EKG

Enroll Today to Receive Your Fast EKG Certification

With this program available to you, why not jump at the chance to become an EKG tech? It is an affordable way for you to get started in learning and getting your EKG certificate fast. There are a variety of payment plans provided for you, so you will find one that fits within your needs. This affordable and fast program will have you in the healthcare field faster than you spending years in school, and you won’t gain a large amount of debt.  Altamont Healthcare provides EKG tech training, so you can receive your certification within months. Visit their website to find out more information on how you can enroll today!

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