How to Choose a Custom Rug You’ll Love

Having a custom rug in your home not only ensures a room is tailored to your specific taste but also gives a room a unique feel to it. Many Houston homes are decorated with lavish rugs, but there are no beating custom rugs to add that advanced level of pizzazz. Here are a few tips on how to choose a custom rug that will make it worth the investment.

1. When to Choose a Custom Rug

You don’t always need to opt for a custom rug if a pre-made one does the job. If your living room is in need of an update and you find a rug that you like to go with existing furniture, it can be easier just to buy it then and there. However, on the other hand, if you’re designing a room from the ground up and you know what type of rug you want but can’t find it, it’s time to look into customization. If there’s one thing you never want to skimp on during home renovations or even just basic updates, it’s your floor covering.

2. Consider the Size

A custom rug isn’t just about fabric and pattern, but also about size. Since it’s custom, you’ll need to get a sense of how big you need your area rug to be to ensure that it suits the room in which it will be located. For example, House Beautiful recommends that to choose a rug for your dining room, you should extend six feet around it and that will be your rug size.

3. Work with a Seasoned Professional

Purchasing and selecting a custom rug isn’t something you do online or order without ever seeing it. This requires a local area-based rug dealer and cleaner who knows what they’re doing and can assist you as you make decisions about your custom rug. Not only will this ensure you get an accurate cost estimate, but you can also see samples and swatches in person. It’s an in-depth process, but it ensures you’ll be happy with the result.

A custom rug is an excellent way to truly tailor your home to reflect your aesthetic preferences but requires some legwork to make sure you get the best price and producer.

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