How to Create a Dramatic Look with Home Lighting

Light fixtures and lamps can help to set the mood you want in any space of your home. Repetition, scale, composition and color are all important factors you need to consider when selecting quality lighting fixtures. Regardless of if you like traditional or more modern décor, you can create an amazing personal space when you add the right lighting. If you want help getting started, use the tips here or call residential interior designers for assistance.

Uplights and Downlights

You can install simple sconces on your wall and paint them to match perfectly. The light created will add an interesting pattern to the walls and eliminate the need for artwork or other types of decorations. You can install the sconces to point upwards or downwards based on the look you are trying to achieve.

Sculpture Lighting Fixtures

Today, many lighting designers are getting extremely creative when it comes to the fixtures they create. As a result, you can purchase fixtures that can become a focal point for your entire room. There are fixtures in all shapes and sizes offered today, which can not only provide light for your room, but also become a conversation starter.

Candlelight Inspired Fixtures

Another popular option is fixtures that utilize faux candles as the source of light. This type of fixture typically doesn’t give off as much light as other options, but can create a romantic atmosphere and is ideal for bedrooms.

If you are unsure about the type of lighting you want for your space, you should work with residential interior designers. They can create a lighted space that meets your design specifications and that utilizes fixtures that adhere to the budget you have for the project.

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