How to Deal with Neck Pain in Clarksville TN

There are a few things that are quite as inconvenient as pains in the neck. There are many things that can lead to neck pains, with the most common being sleeping in the wrong position, whiplash from an accident, sports injuries and other types of trauma to the neck. When the neck is hurting, standing upright and even turning one’s head becomes a very difficult task. Many people turn to painkillers to relieve this pain. However, not understanding the exact cause of neck pain can end up in complete disaster. Here are tips on dealing with Neck Pain Clarksville TN.

Dealing with lifting related injuries

There are times when you can employ a wrong technique when performing exercises such as seated overhead presses, especially when you are pushing up the bar. If this happens, the muscles to the back of your neck get strained, and the tissue around the spine disc ligaments get damaged. This causes spasms whenever you try to move. There are simple DIY methods you can use to treat this problem. The procedure is as follows:

*   Visit a chiropractor to have a myofascial release performed on your neck.

*   Avoid stretching or straining the neck in any way as this could worsen your pain.

*   Try squeezing your shoulder blades together from time to time.

*   If you can turn your head to the right, put your left hand on the cheek. Start turning your head as you gently resist; hold the position for several seconds and then repeat the procedure.

Accident whiplash

It is important to see a doctor soon after an accident to have an MRI and X-ray run to make sure that you haven’t suffered internal injuries. If after the treatment, the neck still hurts, you should turn to a chiropractor for help. The problem could be that some spinal discs got out of place during an impact. The chiropractor will know how to manipulate the discs until they slide back into position, relieving you of your neck pain.

To learn more about dealing with Neck Pain treatment Clarksville TN, you should visit United Chiropractic Clinic.

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