How to Determine an Engine Oil’s Quality

The Importance of Oil – Know This First!

Engine lubricant is essential. Though we often hear of oil changes and related maintenance as being relatively minor fixes, the oil itself is critical to the usefulness of any automobile. Without proper lubrication, a motor cannot function. Without a working engine, your vehicle is going nowhere fast!

Using a high-quality engine lubricant is important for this very reason. Any reputable motor oil distributor will tell patrons that investing in better oil will result in better engine performance. So, how can you determine the quality of the oil your vehicle is using? Let’s look at some ways that professionals recommend.

Oil Quality: Determining Factors

There are several things to consider when choosing an engine oil for your vehicle. These include:

  • Look for the starburst symbol on the packaging that indicates your selected oil meets the standards set by the American Petroleum Institution.
  • Find the two-character designation of service on the container. This will tell you how recently the oil’s particular formula has been laboratory tested and which standards it meets, including the latest – SN – which includes testing for deposits created in high-temperature usage scenarios.
  • Lastly, you should choose the correct viscosity for your engine’s needs. Outdoor temperatures have an effect on this decision as well; hot, humid temperatures like those faced by motorists in Florida and other parts of the coastal United States may necessitate thicker viscosities with a greater resistance to thinning.

A reputable retailer of motor oils can assist you in choosing the correct formula for your vehicle.

So, Why so Many Oils?

It seems strange to some that there are so many choices available on today’s market for engine lubricant. After all, if there are a handful of superior formulas, why would a motor oil distributor bother carrying so many others at all? The truth is, engine oils are tested and rated for different purposes, whether it be higher mileage, heavy-duty vehicles or newer, more high-tech engines, there is an appropriate lubricant for every need. Choosing the highest quality oil for your engine is just one more way that you can lengthen the life and increase the performance of your vehicle.

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