How to Extend the Life of Your Double Glazed Windows in Esher

Making an investment in double glazed windows in Esher is always a good idea, no matter what type of property you live in. Proven to enhance security and insulation, double glazing could add aesthetic appeal and value to the home, while saving you money on energy bills! Aside from keeping the home warmer and quieter, the two sheets of glass and insulating barrier are available in a vast array of styles, making them suitable for modern and period properties. If you don’t want to be faced with unexpected repairs, learn how to extend the life of your windows with some TLC.

Be Aware of Damp Conditions

Investing in a dehumidifier will be worthwhile if you are considering getting double glazed windows in Esher installed, or if they are already fitted on your property. This machine will absorb moisture from the air, which could otherwise cause mould to grow on the frames and window sealants. Ideally, damp issues should be dealt with before windows are fitted, so that double glazed windows can do their job to eliminate condensation and moisture build-up. Damaged roofing and gutting can contribute to damp problems, so think about getting these issues addressed to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Clean the Windows Regularly

The hinges, sealants and glass on double glazed windows should be cleaned frequently. When cleaning windows of this kind, the frames should be removed to ensure a thorough job is done. Pay attention to the products you select, become some cleaning solutions are not suitable for use on timber, uPVC and glass frames. Rusty hinges can be avoided by applying silicone spray, WD40 or a similar lubricant every 6-12 months. This lubricant will loosen partially rusted components so that the window can be opened and closed with ease.

Contact an Expert

You could inflict an injury if you attempt to clean upstairs windows without professional assistance. An expert who is skilled at fitting and maintaining double glazed windows in Esher should be able to help if you are having trouble cleaning the windows. Although this kind of maintenance will cost you a little bit of money, the investment will reduce the chances of problems with double glazing, so don’t hold back if you think that dirt and moisture is becoming an issue.

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