How to Find Viable Scrap Buyers in Louisiana

Does your company produce a great deal of scrap metal or products that you feel could be better used in other industries when recycled? Instead of throwing waste and scrap away and adding to existing environmental problems, why not think about recycling? There are plenty of scrap buyers in Louisiana that you can contact if you want to sell off all your excess waste produced during the manufacturing process. Not only will this help you generate some passive income on the side, but it will also improve your company’s goodwill. Here are a few tips to help you find a viable scrap buyer in the city.

Get a Quote

Since you are going to be selling scrap, there’s no need to haggle over small details–it’s an industry with very basic levels of reward. However, even then, you will want to make sure that you get a decent price for the scrap metal that you are looking to sell. You can ask for quotes and estimates from local scrap buyers in the city in order to get a better idea about how much money you will be able to generate a monthly basis. Some companies give better quotes than others, and if you plan on using their services every month, you need to factor in even the smallest of differences.


You need to make sure that the scrap buyers provide a pickup service as well. Obviously, moving all of the scrap yourself would add to your transportation costs, so why not let the company handle this for you? Many scrap buyers now provide a pickup facility; you just have to contact them and set a date and time for the pickup. They will send over a truck for picking up the scrap and give you a receipt for confirmation of delivery.

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