How to get Help for a Toothache in Haleiwa

Dealing with a toothache can be extremely difficult, especially when the pain is severe. Tooth pain can often be difficult to overcome, even when using pain medications. Since tooth pain can be caused by decay, it is imperative you see a dentist as soon as possible, so the cause can be found and treated.

Symptoms of a toothache may often include throbbing, sharp or constant pain, swelling in the area around the tooth, headache or fever, or even foul-tasting drainage coming from the tooth. You should consult your dentist if your toothache lasts for more than two days. Proper treatment and identification of the cause of your pain is crucial, to rule out dental infections that could cause harm to your body.

To treat your Toothache in Haleiwa, dentists will question you about your pain symptoms, such as where the pain is located and when it started. This will begin to give the dentist a good idea of what is causing your pain. Once your tooth has been examined, the dentist will take x-rays. The x-rays will show the dentist how deep the decay runs in your tooth, so the dentist will know how to treat it.

If your tooth is not badly damaged, the dentist may simply remove the decayed areas and fill your tooth with dental resin, porcelain or metal alloy fillings. This seals off the tooth and protects your nerve. If the filling is not put into place, your tooth could continue to decay and cause you pain.

If your tooth is badly damaged, the dentist may make the decision to perform a root canal. This procedure involves the dentist removing all of the inner portions of your tooth, including the nerve. The tooth is then fully filled. Removing the nerve stops the pain and prevents tooth death.

If your tooth is damaged beyond repair, the dentist may need to fully extract it. When your tooth is extracted, you can eventually replace it with a dental implant. This procedure will restore your full tooth function.

If you are dealing with a Toothache in Haleiwa, make sure you do not ignore the symptoms. See your dentist right away, so your tooth pain can be treated and relieved. The sooner you see the dentist, the more likely your tooth can be saved.

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