How to Hail A Taxi Cab Service in Cape Coral, FL

If you are not necessarily used to hailing a taxi cab service in Cape Coral FL, chances are you are going to feel and look really silly the first time you try. Hailing a taxi can be time-consuming and frustrating for first timers. It really is an art form, and you need to get the tricks down pat before you even attempt to hop into a taxi.

• Know the Lighting Difference:

Every traditional taxi cab has a medallion number that sits atop the roof of the vehicle. When the medallion number is lit, the cab is available. When the side lamps and the medallion number are both lit, this means that the cab driver is off duty. Lastly, when there is no lights lit, the cab driver already has customers and is bringing them to their destination. If you are looking for a non-traditional cab, simply visit the website of a local cab driving company in Cape Coral and click the “Contact Us” subheading for their phone number. You can then call them and set-up a pickup,

• Get The Driver to Notice You:

In order to properly hail a cab, the driver of the cab must notice you. To properly hail a Taxi Cab Service in Cape Coral FL, you will want to stand on the side of the street. You may even want to step off the sidewalk into the street just a bit. Make sure you’re standing on the side of the street that has traffic going in the direction you are headed. Once there, you will want to stick your arm directly out. Do this firmly. Once the cab driver sees you are looking to be picked up, he will stop and give you a lift.

• Basic Cab Etiquette:

When you first get into the cab, give the driver an actual address and not just the name of a location or place. This will ensure you get to your destination in the quickest amount of time. You also will want to keep in mind that the majority of cabs only allow four passengers. Do not ask the driver if you can squeeze five people in one cab when there’s only room for four. Lastly, you will always want to make sure you tip properly. You should be tipping approximately 15% of the total fare. This is customary, and your cab driver appreciates the thought.

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