How to Handle Stink Bugs Middletown NJ

The stink bug has now become a familiar household and farm pest in the United States. It was accidentally introduced into Pennsylvania from Asia in the 1990’s, and has rapidly spread all over the country. It is now a major concern to farmers and homeowners alike and gives off a very foul odor, hence their name. The highest population is found in the South because of its milder temperatures.

Stink bugs primarily feed on shrubbery and plant. Generally regarded as an agricultural pest, they are usually found in gardens or any landscape which has a profusion of flowers and plants. They feed on the seedpods, buds, seeds and blossoms, sucking out juice from the plants. Some species even feed on the juices sucked from beetle larva and caterpillars.

An infestation of Stink Bugs Middletown NJ usually starts during the fall. Once the temperature begins to drop, they cluster around the sides of buildings and most homes to try and stay warm. They are very fond of both the west and south sides of buildings because this is where the afternoon sun warms the most. Once they have been there for some time, they then move into the house through the crevices and cracks, attic vents, door jams, as well as other openings. After this, they become dormant until the springtime.

The best strategy to prevent and get rid of stink bugs is to prevent them for gaining access in the fall. This is because when they have gained access into a home, the only way to get rid of them is by calling a pest removal service or by using a vacuum cleaner, which may not be ideal.

Cracks that are found behind chimneys, doors, utility pipes, sidings, and windows must be sealed and caulked. Cracks in the walls and foundation must be properly closed and all damages to the screens in windows and doors replaced or repaired. Early in the fall, the exterior of a building can be sprayed to provide more protection against them. Browse Site to find additional tips on how to deal with Stink Bugs Middletown NJ.

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