How to Hire a Tree Company in Boston

When hiring a tree service, it is crucial a homeowner is careful in making a decision. Hiring a person who is not a true tree expert can result in damage to a home or to the tree. It is important one takes time in the process of hiring a Tree Company in Boston. Knowing the right questions to ask can allow a homeowner to learn the information they need so they can make an informed decision for their tree maintenance and removal needs.

These five questions should always be asked before hiring a Tree Company in Boston:

• What are the companies credentials? A homeowner should never hire a company without first checking out their credentials. One needs to make sure the company is licensed, insured, and bonded so they can be sure they will be protected, should issues occur with the services being provided. Ideally, one should hire a company that is certified by the Tree Care Industry Association.

• Will the company offer a detailed estimate? Homeowners should always obtain a detailed estimate before contracting with any company to work on their trees. Any guarantees should be in writing.

• How will the work be done and what tools will be used? A homeowner has the right to know how their trees will be approached and what equipment they can expect to be used. Homeowners will need to know if large equipment will be brought in so they can make sure their property is not damaged during the process.

• How long will the tree project take? A company should be able to offer a homeowner accurate information on the length of time the project will take. The company should remain in contact with the homeowner, should unexpected issues arise that cause delays.

• Is the company willing to provide references? If a company is unwilling to provide references, a homeowner should not hire them for the work. Homeowners need to make sure they contact every reference to ensure they know the level of work they can expect.

Asking these five questions of every company one is considering will help you to better understand the level of expertise and customer service you will experience. If you are in need of tree services, contact us right away.

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