How To Perform Regular Plumbing Maintenance In Gainesville GA

To keep the plumbing system in a home working efficiently and to prevent issues at the most inopportune times, homeowners should perform regular plumbing maintenance. Below you’ll learn what areas of the plumbing system should be examined and when you should call in a professional who specializes in Plumbing in Gainesville GA.

Inspect All Plumbing Pipes

If you have a leak in one of your plumbing pipes, you’ll need have the pipe repaired right away. Water from a leaky pipe will cause damage to any surface that it comes into contact with and the pipe may eventually break completely. If any of the pipes in the home are starting to corrode, this is also a sign that they should be replaced before major damage occurs. An experienced plumber can replace the old pipes with new ones so they’ll last for many more years.

Test Water Pressure

Homeowners can easily test the water pressure in their home by turning on each faucet inside the house. If only one faucet has low water pressure, there’s probably an obstruction in that particular faucet. If every faucet in the house doesn’t have much water pressure, the water line may be plugged up. This often occurs when sediment and minerals build up inside the pipes and prevent the water from flowing normally.

Check Drain Flow

While testing the water pressure in each of the faucets, take note of the water that flows down into the drain. If the water isn’t draining like it should or if it takes a long time to go down the sink, there’s a clog somewhere in the pipes. If the clog isn’t removed in a timely manner, it will continue to get bigger and it will eventually prevent the water from draining at all. If you can’t flush the clog down the pipes, you should contact a professional who specializes in Plumbing in Gainesville GA to unclog the drain.

If you need to schedule a plumbing service visit in the Gainesville area, contact the experts at Fortune Plumbing. Their specialties include general plumbing repair, pipe replacement, water heater service, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling. If you need a plumbing contractor, contact the company and ask for a free consultation and quote for the job.

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