How To Prepare A Child For Their First Day Of Preschool In Gaithersburg MD

The first day of preschool is one of the most important days of a child’s life. Some children are excited about the idea of going to preschool and others have trouble with the idea. Before a child starts Preschool in Gaithersburg MD, there are a few things that the parents can do to make the first day easier.

Spend Time Away From the Child

If the child has been with a stay at home parent for the first few years of their life, it can be difficult for them to go off to preschool. The summer before school starts, the parent should send their child to a friend or family member’s home a few days a week to get them used to being away from their parent for a while.

Tour the Preschool

One of the main reasons that children are afraid to go to preschool is because they don’t know what preschool will be like. If the parent takes their child on a tour of the Preschool in Gaithersburg MD, it will give the child a chance to see the school, so they will know what to expect on their first day.

Change the Child’s Schedule Early

It is important that the child is on a schedule before they start preschool. They would need to get up earlier in the morning to make it to school on time. Also, their nap schedule will likely change based on the school’s schedule. About a month before preschool starts, the child’s parents can change their schedule so that they are on the right schedule when school begins.

Finish Potty Training

Most preschools require that children be potty trained before they attend. If a parent finds that their child is struggling and still having accidents during the day, they should spend a few months before school starts really focusing on potty training.

Start Teaching the Fundamentals

The summer before school starts, it is a good idea that parents start working with children on letter, number, and color recognition. The more knowledge a child has before they start preschool, the better.

Starting preschool is a very big deal for a child. In order for parents to be sure that their child is ready for their first day, they should follow the above tips. For more information about a preschool who also offers a Jewish education, contact B’nai Tzedek.

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