How to Prepare for Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan

The reason people choose to refinish hardwood floors is that they add value to the home and there is nothing that compares to the warmth and beauty of a glossy wood floor. It only makes sense to hire a professional for Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan to be certain the project is done right. Prepare for the project by knowing what to expect during and after the refinishing process.

Choose a Stain

Every mark and scratch may not be removable on older floors with a lot of damage. A darker color of stain helps to cover a lot of problems, but they can make small rooms look too dark and pet hair and dust are more noticeable on dark surfaces. How the stain will look also depends on the type of wood used for the floor. The flooring contractor can help to determine the wood type and provide samples to show how the stain will look after the application.

Prepare for Inconvenience

Refinishing a floor is a big project that will cause some disarray in the home. Remove all the items from the room, including window treatments and wall art, because there will be a lot of dust. Expect the dust to filter through the home because there is no way to keep it contained in the project area. Floor stain and polyurethane have very strong odors and are irritating to those with a respiratory condition. Many people find it easier to make alternative living arrangements during the refinishing process.

Follow the Instructions

It is tempting to use the room sooner than recommended when Wood Flooring Refinishing in Manhattan. A glossy, beautiful floor is appealing, and it is not uncommon for the homeowner to want to redecorate and be in the room immediately. Most of the refinishing products take a couple of days to dry and a week or more to cure so they can withstand furniture and foot traffic. Moving in as soon as it feels dry could create marks in the finish that cannot be removed.

Only hire people knowledgeable about hardwood to refinish a floor. The material is durable, but it is also easy to damage during the sanding process. Contact experts like New York Wood Flooring for an estimate on refinishing or repairing the floor in any room of the house. Follow us on Twitter.

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