How to repair a broken lawn sprinkler

Nearly all newly built homes have automated irrigation systems to help irrigate their home lawns and ornamental plants. These systems are also used to nurture young trees by tree care companies. These systems have permanent sprinklers that require minimal maintenance and offer automated irrigation. Good routine maintenance and repair are needed to handle any component failure in the sprinkler system. Sprinkler repair is very common with these systems. There are simple steps that can be followed by anyone to repair a broken sprinkler head. There are two ways of fixing a broken head, first you can replace the head and secondly you can clean and reset the head.

Simple steps can be followed when replacing the head. First you have to identify the broken sprinkler head by simply looking for a plastic casing on the head that is cracked or broken. You can also look for a head that does not pop up or water that sprays wildly. After identifying the broken head, you are ready for sprinkler repair. The first step is to dig around the head of the sprinkler to expose the riser after turning off the system. Slice up the sod into pieces using a shovel and set it aside for later. Sprinkler repair is delicate and therefore when digging, ensure you give it a light touch to avoid damaging the water line which is usually plastic.

After exposing the riser, turn the head in an anti-clockwise direction to remove it from the riser. Good care should be observed in order not to spill any dirt into the riser while the head is off because it may cause blockage and lead to another sprinkler repair or the whole system repair. The sprinkler heads are usually fixed just by a tight hand. However, if they have been in the ground for long, they may need wrenches to unscrew them. If the head does not turn easily then you can use slip joint pliers to hold it tight and keep it from twisting loose from the fittings below while you unscrew it.

If the old fitting materials are in good condition then some parts such as the riser or nozzle can be used again when carrying out a sprinkler repair. Any broken pieces should however be thrown away. Attach the new sprinkler head by putting it on the riser and tightening it with your hand. Teflon tape or joint compounds should not be used on the riser threads but instead use PVC pipe glue. Before filling the trench or hole and replacing the sod, it is recommended to set the spray pattern.

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