How to Send Money to India

In some situations, you are working in foreign country as the only working person in your family. In that case you need to send money to your family. When it is essential for you send money to India, you must use the right platform or service to do so. It will ensure that your family’s financial needs are fulfilled.

There are various ways to remit money to India. The number of remittances to India has been growing up constantly. So, the online money transfer to India is one of the popular methods compared to the other emerging and established methods. Since, India has the largest share of total world’s remittances, wit $70 Billions; you can use cheque, online wire transfers or online transfer funds to India

There are two methods to send money online to India, through the traditional means or the modern ones. The traditional option comprised of wire transfers, cheque or through wire transfer agents. With the modern means, you can send money online through various processes of online fund transfer services. Simply stated, each kind of transfer requires different details to ensure that fund transfer is completed effortlessly.

If you want the easiest and the least expensive ways to send money to India, you can look to a few banks and service providers that have specialized programs. Some companies have programs that solely help people transfer money from Singapore to India or transfer money from Singapore, with no other countries involved.

All you have to is Register on their website fill in your details and initiate a transfer you need to fill the form, produce the necessary documents and add the sufficient funds. You can easily send money online through this account, and then the appointed member can withdraw the funds in the Indian rupees. Keep track of the exchange rate and the status of your transaction.

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