How To Tell The Difference Between A Common Cold And Hayfever In Louisville, KY

As winter ends and springtime grasses and flowers bloom, hayfever season begins. There are many people who confuse hayfever symptoms with the symptoms of a common cold. Since there is no cure for a common cold but an allergist who specializes in Hayfever in Louisville KY can prescribe medication for an allergy, it is best that a person can tell the difference between the two.

Runny Nose

When a person has either a cold or hayfever, they can develop a runny nose. If the problem persists for over five days, the chances are it is hayfever and not a cold. If they are suffering from a stuffy nose, it could be either a cold or hayfever. The individual would need to consider their other symptoms to determine whether they have a cold or hayfever.

Excessive Sneezing

Sneezing is a common symptom of a cold and of hayfever. If the sneezing is excessive and violent, the chances are the individual is suffering from hayfever.

Itchy, Watery Eyes

Itchy, watery eyes are the most common symptoms of hayfever. However, a person with a cold would not experience this. If an individual has itchy, watery eyes, they can be sure it is hayfever.

Sore Throat

A sore throat is common with hayfever and a common cold, but the sensations are different. If a person has a cold, their throat will be sore, and it will hurt to swallow. If they are suffering from hayfever, their throat will be less sore and more itchy or scratchy.

Ear Pressure or Fullness

When a person feels pain or fullness in their ear, it is not uncommon for them to think they have a cold or an ear infection. In many cases, people don’t suspect hayfever when, in reality, ear pressure and fullness is a very common symptom of hayfever.

Excessive Coughing

Coughing is a common symptom in both the common cold and hayfever. When a person has a cold, they will cough to expel the mucus from their lungs. If it is hayfever, the reason they cough is the post-nasal drip.

It can be difficult to differentiate between hayfever and a common cold. If a person is sure that it is hayfever or they aren’t sure, they should visit an allergist who specializes in Hayfever in Louisville KY.

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