How Your Yard Can Benefit from Mulch in Waukesha WI

The use of mulch, while certainly not mandatory, is a wise and beneficial habit to form. Applying mulch to gardens and flower beds is worth the effort for the many benefits reaped. Mulch is a protective layer of a material, either organic or inorganic, applied on top of the soil. Organic mulches are derived from natural substances such as wood chips, bark, grass clippings, hay or straw, pine needles, compost, peat moss, and leaves. Inorganic mulches include pea gravel, recycled rubber (car tires), river rock, and landscaping fabric, either fabric or black plastic.

Mulch in Waukesha WI, such as those distributed by Bluemel’s Garden Center, have the following attributes:

*     Weed Suppression -; A thick application of mulch inhibits both weed growth and germination. Not only are weeds ugly to look at but they rob resources from the desirable gardens plants. The mulch works by reducing the amount of sunlight available to the weeds.

*     Moisture Retention -; Both organic and inorganic mulches slow down water evaporation thus retaining more moisture. This is vital during long, hot periods with little rainfall, and the organic mulches help by absorbing water and slowly releasing it.

*     Prevents Soil Erosion -; A layer of mulch prevents heavy rains from washing away the soil. The mulch reduces the impact of rainwater pounding on the soil and decreases the force with which it hits the ground.

*     Protection -; Mulch helps control fluctuations in soil temperature which is especially beneficial during the turbulent spring months. In the cold winter months, mulch protects the plants roots from the cold and frost heaves, where the plants roots are literally pushed up out of the ground by the soils natural expansion during frost-that cycles.

*     Nutrients -; Organic mulches will decay adding nutrients to the soil and of course, inorganic mulches do not, however, both add protection in that they prevent soil erosion, prevent soil from splashing on plant leaves during rain which can prevent the spread of soil-borne disease, and add a finishing touch to a garden or flower bed.

Typically, the best or correct mulch to use depends on the climate, the geographical zone, and what area of the yard it is being used in. Mulch in Waukesha WI is available at garden centers, nursery centers, and landscaping companies. Most will have knowledgeable staff on hand that can help guide homeowners in making the best choice for their yard.

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