Iconic Restaurants in Honolulu Hawaii

Iconic Restaurants in Honolulu are the ones that have been in business for years, serve signature dishes, are the must-eat-at places while visiting, and favored by the locals. Sushi bars, restaurants that feature traditional luaus, and Zippy’s Restaurants all fall into the category. There are twenty-four locations of restaurants that are part of the Zippy chain throughout Hawaii, most of which are open twenty-four hours a day.

Signature Dishes

Signature dishes include Original Recipe Chili, oxtail soup, Korean fried chicken, saimin, and seasonal caramel rum banana crumb waffles. Another reason the chain is so popular is the variety of meal packages offered. These are fully cooked meals that simply have to be heated up before serving. They are perfect for busy evenings, stress-free dinner parties, and times when friends or relatives are visiting.


Also part of this iconic chain of Restaurants in Honolulu is two sushi restaurants. Kahala Sushi is located at Zippy’s Kahala, and Zippy’s Pearl City Sushi Bar. Platters, a full sushi menu, and specials are available at both places. Customers can Visit the website for complete menu options, directions to locations, and purchase gift cards.

A Bakery

Napoleon’s Bakery is yet another extension of the Zippy family of restaurants. Custom cakes, donuts, bread, pastry, and a few signature creations are on the menu, along with monthly specials. Naples are large turnover-type pastries filled with many different flavors. Choices include coconut, chocolate, blueberry cream cheese, and cherry, among others.

Other Options

Some locations are express take-out only restaurants, while others provide affordable family dining. A Japanese restaurant, Osaka Okazuya, in Honolulu is also included in the iconic chain. There truly is something for everyone available constantly. Definitely, go to a traditional luau while visiting Hawaii, eat plenty of sushi, and try the chili at Zippy’s.

Ask the Locals

Additional iconic restaurants can be found by asking for recommendations from the people who live in Hawaii. Find out where they go when they decide to eat out. Travel guides and restaurant review websites will lead travelers to tourist favorites. For unique experiences, travelers will want to eat at local favorites. Click here for more information.

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