Identifying Divorce Requirements with Family Attorneys in Henderson, NV

In Nevada, divorce petitioners start with the residency requirements. The laws require petitioners to live in the state for six weeks before starting a divorce case. It doesn’t matter if the petitioner has lived in more than one county. Family attorneys in Henderson, NV help petitioners start their divorce case properly.

What Grounds Are Used in Nevada?

The state offers three divorce grounds only. The grounds include insanity, incompatibility, and a one-year separation. For insanity, the petitioner must provide evidence showing a diagnosis at least two years before filing. The couple proves a one-year separation through a legal separation or the date on their current rental lease. Incompatibility is a standard divorce ground similar to irretrievable breakdown or irreconcilable differences.

Community Property State

Nevada is a community property state. The divorce agreement must show an equitable division of all marital assets. The value of the marital estate must be equal for each party. Any differences are managed through a lump sum payment or alimony. The court won’t accept any divorce agreement that doesn’t provide an equal share for each party.

What Is an Alternative Arrangement for the Marital Home?

Couples who have children have the option to choose an alternative arrangement to allow the child to remain in their home all the time. The arrangement allows each parent to live in the marital home during their scheduled child visitation time.

What Happens with Assets Owned Before the Marriage?

Typically, assets that weren’t acquired during the marriage aren’t included in the marital estate. However, the marital home won’t fall into this category. The condition applies to inherited assets, automobiles, and family heirlooms. A prenuptial agreement protects assets owned before the marriage. The agreements also entitle a spouse to specific assets based on specific conditions.

In Nevada, divorce petitioners follow all laws when ending their marriage. The process requires the petitioner to fulfill all prerequisites of divorce proceedings including residency verification. The petitioner chooses the divorce grounds based on the reason the marriage ended. Additionally, the agreement must provide each party with an equal share of the assets. Petitioners who need help should contact family attorneys in Henderson, NV by visiting website right now.

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