If You Like Rustic or Woodsy – Think Antler Accessories

Rustic decor is very popular in Georgia these days because it gets back to nature, and there are no hard and fast rules to follow. If something is rough in appearance and unfinished, it fits right in. Not everyone has access to the great outdoors and antlers, but your décor can be greatly enhanced with some well-made antler accessories and here are some you can easily purchase online or create at home.

No Need to Own a Cabin

Just because you don’t have a second home or cabin, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy antlers. In fact, there are many places you can use them in the home and they will be a welcome addition.

Wall Art

Most people in Georgia are looking for something to adorn their walls, and this could be the perfect place for your antler creation. For example, did you know you can take a frame, strong matting, and mount a single pair of antlers in the middle? Feel free to use any colors you like but some people prefer to paint the antlers white and use large black frames. However, you are not bound by any special rules. In fact, it may be best to do some drawings or sketches first, before you paint your antler accessories.


Antlers may be the perfect hangers for your home. When properly mounted they make excellent towel or robe hangers for the bathroom. You also may wish to create your own coat and hat hanger for the entryway.

Lighting Ideas

Antlers can be used to light up the home. For instance, you can find some unique candelabras and chandeliers made with deer or elk antlers. When you buy your antler items online you can find some very unique selections. For example, some items are made from European deer and because they are different, your antler accessories in Georgia can be very unique.

Dressing up the Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace mantle? This is a special part of the home and a set of antlers mounted and sitting on the mantle will look good even with modern décor. Antlers also give you additional space for hanging items if you wish.

Antlers for the Bathroom

Besides towel rings, you can use antlers in other ways in the bathroom. If you check with the right online sources, you can find some unusual and functional bathroom sets which include soap dish, soap pump, drink holder and toothbrush holder. In fact, the only limits you have with this décor, is your imagination.

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