Immediate Access to Quality Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Health and Fitness

When immediate medical attention is required, an urgent care facility can be a smart alternative to a hospital emergency room for several reasons. The physicians at one of these facilities can provide the same level of medical care as an ER, but with a considerably shorter wait time and lower costs. A clinic which offers Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH can handle a wide range of medical care for everything from an asthma attack to a broken arm, and the faster response time can make a big difference when pain and serious discomfort are involved. This kind of clinic is versatile enough that it can also be used in place of a primary care physician for things like required physicals, lab services, and drug testing as well as treatment of everyday health issues like migraines or the flu.

Well-equipped urgent care facilities can often provide medical services that can’t be found in many physicians’ offices, such as EKGs and digital X-Rays. If the health-care professionals at the clinic determine that a case calls for specific medical expertise, they can offer a referral to a specialist to ensure that each patient gets the attention they need. If doctors at an Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH feel that it is called for, they can work with the patient’s regular physician to make certain that required follow-up medical care is received. If a client just has a medical question for a doctor, an urgent care clinic can make sure they receive a prompt response.

Part of the beauty of having a facility like Eastside Urgent Care is that, if a medical situation arises that can’t be postponed until the patient can see their primary care physician, they can provide quick access to quality medical treatment with no appointment necessary. The patient will receive a level of personal care that large hospital emergency rooms just can’t offer, and they can provide it at a considerably lower cost. Whether it’s a simple sprain, an injury from a minor accident, or even a UTI, a properly-equipped, and well-staffed urgent care facility will offer expert medical treatment.

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