Immediate Care From An Emergency Dentist in Howell

While most don’t realize it, many dentists offer emergency services. Similar to hospitals and general care facilities, dental offices provide immediate care to alleviate pain and the worsening of an injury. An Emergency Dentist in Howell can provide patients with a number of emergency services, from extractions to root canal surgery. These services are offered without an appointment, allowing patients to come in and get emergency care the same day an accident occurs. An emergency dentist can help to provide relief and fix issues before they get worse.

One of the most common emergency services is extraction. During an extraction, dentists will strategically remove a problem tooth. This service is often reserved for teeth that cannot be fixed. Depending on the situation, an Emergency Dentist in Howell may use an aesthetic and powerful equipment to completely remove the tooth from the root. Teeth that are damaged from accidents and decay are often the first to go. An emergency extraction will give patients the chance to heal and prepare themselves for dental implants or dentures.

Root canal issues are notorious for being the most painful type of tooth injury. It involves damage within the tooth. Teeth are composed of numerous nerve endings. They are housed in the pulp of the tooth. When a tooth becomes infected, often due to injury and decay, the nerve ending will cause immense pain. An emergency root canal procedure will need to be performed to alleviate pain and save the tooth from full extraction. An Emergency Dentist in Howell will drill into the tooth to remove the pulp. The infected material will then be removed. To seal the tooth, dentists will fill it with a special type of dental cement. This will protect the remaining nerves from getting infected.

With the right type of care, patients can experience relief from dental issues while preserving their smile. With the convenience of emergency dental care, patients don’t have to wait for their next appointment to get care. Instead, patients can receive immediate care without an appointment. Dentists will work to restore the integrity and beauty of a smile while improving overall dental health.

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