Important Factors To Consider When You Buy Copper Sheet

For startup Original Equipment Manufacturers and contract manufacturers, finding the ideal source for raw materials can be a challenge. Many companies working in the refrigeration, automotive, computer, telecommunications and electronics industries and fields have a requirement for copper sheet

When you buy copper sheet, there are several factors to keep in mind. Often companies make the mistake of simply comparing advertised prices, without checking the reputation of the supplier. Taking a small amount of time to complete due diligence on the supplier can save a lot of problems after the order has been placed.

Availability of Supply

Before making the choice to buy copper sheet from a supplier, always make sure the company has the on-hand inventory needed to fill the order. This will ensure short turnaround times from order to delivery on one-off orders, which is often an important factor when a current supplier fails to deliver.

Additionally, look for a company willing to work with your business on Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries. This will be a cost-effective option for your company as there is no need for one large material purchase, it can be spread out over time and delivered to match the pace of your fabrication or manufacturing needs.

Quality of Copper Sheet

The decision to buy copper sheet should also include knowing the gage and the alloy for the copper. Most copper used in the industries mentioned above will be ASTM B152, Alloy 110 copper sheet. This is typically available in very thin 0.063 gage through to the much thicker 0.250 gage. Different companies may offer an additional range of both gages as well as customized sheet dimensions.

The most established sheet metal suppliers, some with decades of quality service and products, are highly competitive in their pricing. They tend to offer larger in-house inventories and copper sheet solutions for any application, making them the go-to supplier for most OEMs.

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