Important Questions and Answers About Asphalt Parking Lots and Crack Sealing In Sun Prairie WI

It’s important for business owners to make sure their parking lot is safe for their customers. A deteriorating parking lot is also an eyesore that reflects badly on the business. Read the questions and answers below to learn about asphalt parking lot cracks and why they should be sealed by a professional company that provides crack sealing in Sun Prairie WI.

What are the main reasons why cracks form in an asphalt parking lot?

Parking lots crack for a variety of reasons, such as heavy traffic, structural collapse and joint failure. Cracks also form due to the expansion and contraction of the asphalt that’s caused by drastic changes in temperature. Other possible reasons include water intrusion through the asphalt, a poor drainage system along the edge of the parking lot and poor preparation of the asphalt mix. Once cracks begin to form and water seeps into these openings, they will only get worse until they’re repaired.

Are there different kinds of cracks that are often found on a parking lot?

There are numerous kinds of asphalt cracks and they all form for different reasons. Cracks that form blocks in the asphalt often occur when there isn’t a lot of traffic in one area of the parking lot and the asphalt loses its flexibility. Broken asphalt pieces around the perimeter of a parking lot are normally caused when there isn’t enough support along the edges. Irregular shaped cracks can be found on older parking lots that have sustained a lot of wear.

What can business owners do to keep their asphalt parking lot safe?

At the first sign of a crack in an asphalt parking lot, business owners should immediately contact a company that specializes in Crack Sealing in Sun Prairie WI. Sealing the cracks in a parking lot prevents moisture from entering the base of the pavement, which causes it to deteriorate at a rapid rate. Additionally, crack sealing keeps dirt and debris out of the cracks, which can ultimately lead to stress fractures in the asphalt.

Business owners who have cracks in their asphalt parking lot can contact the professionals at Tri-County Paving, Inc. This company specializes in paving, crack sealing, gravel work and excavations. Get more information about their services and request a free estimate by visiting their website.

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