Important Services Offered by a Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Landscaping

Almost every Connecticut homeowner wants their property to include trees that can provide shade, homes for playhouses or even fruit. However, it takes careful maintenance to keep trees safe and healthy. That is why so many area residents rely on experts like Northeast Horticultural Services. The specialists provided by this kind of Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut can plant trees, keep them healthy and safely remove those that are damaged or dying.

Adding or Removing Trees Is Part of Horticultural Services

Customers who are building new homes often search sites like in order to find tree experts. Once contacted horticultural professionals will evaluate the trees on properties. Technicians can determine which are healthy and whether they are growing too close together. They will safely remove or replant some to help other trees stay healthy. Arborists will selectively remove trees that cannot be saved or are already dead. They can also create planting designs for empty lots and then bring in trees that seamlessly blend in with other landscaping.

Experts Keep Customers Safe

A Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut is often the first business that clients call after a major storm. Winds and flooding typically uproot or damage trees, turning them into hazards. In these cases, technicians will bring the equipment to safely remove even the biggest, heaviest trees. They also grind the stumps and fill in the cavities left behind. Experts can remove heavy branches from roofs and cut back trees to prevent them from harming houses or electrical wires. They may reinforce big branches with cabling, to keep them from falling and to preserve trees.

Specialists Maintain Tree Health

Arborists specialize in tree maintenance. They can evaluate every species and recommend treatments that encourage health and growth. Technicians can find and stop diseases and prevent damage. Licensed arborists have the training to identify problems correctly and provide fast, effective treatments.

Homeowners depend on arborists to keep their trees healthy. They hire these experts to safely plant, replant and remove trees. Tree specialists also protect their clients by removing branches or trees that pose hazards to homes, electric wires, people and pets. Visit the website for more information.

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