Important Things To Consider For Brass Recycling In Hartford, CT

The simplest actions have a significant impact on the environment as a whole, and recycling items is a great way to keep them out of landfills while preserving precious natural resources. Most all consumers are familiar with recycling everyday household items such as aluminum, cardboard, and plastic, but few are aware of the facilities that provide Brass Recycling Hartford CT. The following are a few considerations, the most popular brass items that are recycled, and how a bit of forethought will ensure any unwanted goods have a minimal impact on the planet.

Yellow Brass

The most common form of brass is yellow and is usually found in light and plumbing fixtures as well as in items as small as keys. Before recycling this type of brass, be sure to remove any electrical components or other forms of plastic and metal that may have alternative processing requirements. It is also a good idea to ensure that the item is solid brass and not a cheaper form of metal with a brass coating.

Used Ammunition

One of the most common uses for brass is during the manufacturing of ammunition, as most bullets are composed of a metal shell that is then filled with gunpowder. Be sure to remove any live rounds before disposing of them to reduce safety hazards and prevent liability. Some ammunition is covered with a nickel plating but is still eligible for recycling at specific facilities.

Dirty Brass Items

If the items for Brass Recycling In Hartford CT are covered in paint and oils, it may prevent the collection facility from accepting them. Be sure to remove the surface contaminants present, which also helps to determine the quality and type of brass that each item is constructed of. Some companies will even increase the payout for brass items if they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Recycling brass is a great way to do something good for Mother Nature by preventing unnecessary waste from entering a landfill. The team at Calamari Recycling Co Inc. is a leading provider of refuse services and offers a vast selection of custom recycling services. Visit the website to learn more and take the first step in getting rid of unwanted waste without harming the planet.

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