Important Things to Know about Crane Operator Training

Cranes perform a variety of lifting and loading tasks for industry today and it’s not just the mobile cranes used in heavy construction. You can find many cranes working hard in manufacturing and production processes and it takes the proper crane operator training to use this equipment safely and efficiently. Here are some good things to know about training and qualifications for the job.


Your qualifications are determined by the size and type of crane you operate. For example, construction cranes with more than one-ton capacity require certification. This certification program must meet specific standards set forth by OSHA.

If you use a crane in the fabrication or manufacturing industry, crane operator training is very important. However, there are no special certifications required by OSHA. Certification is available and can help those wanting better jobs or seeking advancement within their own companies.

Overhead Crane Certification

In order to be certified, one must meet specific guidelines like physical requirements, legal age, written testing, operational testing and substance abuse understanding.

Why Take Overhead Crane Operator Training?

Knowledge is power and the more you know about your job, the better you can perform. Proper education can help you learn about the different types of lifting mechanisms available. You also may understand more about the physics and mechanics of lifting.

Understanding Lifting

The more you learn about lifting, the more efficient you become at your job. You may be able to reduce the time it takes to perform certain activities and increase your output on the job. This can separate you from the others and you might be considered when it’s time to fill new positions in the company.


Nothing is more important than on the job safety. Proper cane operator training teaches you all about the right way to use your equipment. You will get a better understanding of its capacities and limitations and this is one of the best strategies for avoiding accidents and injuries.

New Employees

New employees may need to know how to operate your cranes. It’s possible to learn from others on the job, but when you contact experienced professionals for the right kind of training your new employees are starting off on the right foot. They will learn proper technique and operations from the start so there are no problems in the future. An experienced crane supplier can provide the kind of training your employees need.

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