Improve Your Career Prospects and Complete a Data Science Course in New York

The current recession has created one of the most difficult job markets in history. The time-honored wisdom that earning a Bachelor’s degree guarantees you a job is simply not true anymore. Moreover, rising costs of living and student loans create a difficult financial atmosphere for young graduates. If you are unemployed or underemployed, you may want to consider taking a data science course to improve your career prospects.

Continuing education isn’t always the best solution to employment problems. Master’s degrees are expensive and time consuming, as are many professional certificate or continuing education programs. However, here at RSquare Edge we believe that you can earn a meaningful continued education certification while learning to succeed in one of the fastest-growing career fields in existence. We are passionate about data science and we want to train the future leaders of the field.

Why Data Science is Important

Big Data is changing the way businesses succeed, in the same way that the Internet was such a huge game-changer years ago. Companies are using data analysis to improve their business models, reach new customers, and make their practices more efficient. Because this science is relatively new, companies are scrambling to implement data analysis departments and harness the power of data science in order to stay ahead of the game.

Our founders and faculty have decades of experience creating and managing data analysis departments in various companies. We know how to incorporate data science into a business and what kind of skills a successful data analyst should bring to the table. We maintain relationships with several large nationwide companies, which helps us keep our curriculum fresh and cutting-edge. Our industry contacts also ensure our recruitment efforts on behalf of our data science course graduates are highly successful.

Benefits of Our Program

Here at RSquare Edge, we know that continuing education can be an expensive choice, both financially and time-wise. We strive to make our course as efficient as possible for both concerns. If you commit to spending 12 weeks in our data science course in New York, you will leave with a highly valuable professional certificate. Additionally, we work hard to make sure our students have multiple prospects or job offers upon graduation.

We understand that a professional education can be a large financial commitment. However, we’ve found that enrolling on our program pays for itself in as little as six months. Because data scientists are in such high demand, there is intense competition between employers, which leads to competitively high salaries for analysts. Compared to a Master’s degree in data science, our 12-week intensive program offers a drastically better return on investment. We’ve also partnered with Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) to offer a full scholarship to encourage women to enter the data science field. We’re confident that our data science course is one of the most beneficial professional education choices available today.

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