Indications to Get a Mold Inspection in Pittsburgh, PA

Mold is one of the most common issues to arise from water invasions. With rising temperatures and continued moisture, mold will spread very quickly. As the mold continues to grow, the amount of spores released into the home increase rapidly. An inspection should be done for any of the conditions arise.

The smell of musk in the basement is an indication of mold growth. A Mold Inspection in Pittsburgh, PA will be needed to identify the extent of the growth. If the mold is giving off a noticeable smell, there is a significant number of spores already in the air. Finished basements can have more mold growth due to the materials trapping the moisture and providing a surface for it to grow on. Carpet and drywall tend to be the materials on which the most mold growth is found.

A long term water leak in the kitchen can indicate a potential problem with mold. If the leakage has been going on awhile, the mold problem can be very extensive. Often, it grows in places where it isn’t easily detectable such as behind the cabinets and behind appliances. The dishwasher and refrigerator can also have water lines that contribute to high moisture levels in this room. Unfortunately, most of the mold will not be revealed until the kitchen is taken apart.

A mold inspection in Pittsburgh, PA should also be done if there is an indication of mold in the bathroom areas. While some of the bathroom mold can be seen because of the typically high humidity levels that remain, a lot of it can be hidden. If leaks have been occurring in the water piping from the shower or bathtub, all of that mold is hidden in the walls. Like the kitchen, the bathroom and affected areas will have to be taken apart to find the extent of the growth.

Heat and moisture are the components needed to drive the growth of mold. Any suspicion that mold is in the house should trigger the need for an inspection. While a little mold can be handled easily, a lot can be hidden from sight. To schedule an inspection, contact Metro Restoration.

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