Industries That Depend On Metal Fabrications In Mobile Alabama

A metal fabrication shop is a place where raw metal – usually in the form of plates or sheets – is cut and shaped into parts for machines, furniture, tools, vehicles, construction materials, etc. The fabrication process involves heavy duty cutting tools such as a laser, plasma torch, or water jet cutter. Metal pieces are then bent and shaped using a lathe, mill, or drill press, and they are finished with welding. In fact, those are only a few of the many processes that can be involved in metal fabrication. The following are some of the industries that depend on Metal Fabrications in Mobile Alabama.


The first railroad tracks had wooden rails, but they didn’t last very long. Nowadays, railway rails are made of hot rolled steel. Rails are made from a steel alloy that is strong enough to withstand the weight and pressure of the trains they bear. Rails are either bolted together at the ends or welded, depending on their use. High-speed rails must be welded.


Metal fabrication is used widely in the aerospace industry for parts of vehicles such as wings. Aircraft wings can be made of a variety of metals, including aluminum, steel alloys, and titanium. Since the shape of the wing determines the aircraft’s ability to fly, metal fabrication shops use tools like a hydroforming press to produce a wrinkle-free curved surface.

Food Service

The food service industry relies on stainless steel because of its resistance to heat and its durability. It is also resistant to corrosion, which makes it a more sanitary metal for cooking. Some examples of stainless steel equipment include steam tables, food preparation tables, and food storage units.

Auto Manufacturing

An average car contains 2,400 pounds of steel, mainly in the chassis and outer panels. Different alloys of steel are used to make some parts of a car more rigid and others more likely to crumble, depending on safety considerations.

These are only a few examples of industries that rely on the services of metal fabrication shops. Individual businesses, consumers, and artists may also have a need for Metal Fabrications in Mobile Alabama. More information is available at

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