Information to Provide for Glass Repair in Reno

Homeowners can get an accurate quote and expedite the process of Glass Repair in Reno when they provide essential information at the time they call for service. There are several types of windows, so it is not practical to load repair service trucks with one of everything. It is also impractical, not be mention expensive, to have an installer go out to the house, assess the broken window, and return to the company for an exact match.

What to Know

The type of glass in the window is useful information. Replacement glass has to be the same type to properly fit into the window frame. Single pane, double pane, and tempered glass are the common types used in residential settings.

Identify the frame material as well. Vinyl, aluminum, wood, or a combination of two of these makes a difference in pricing. Newer window frames may have vinyl or aluminum on the exterior part of the frame and wood on the interior. Be sure to note that when calling for repair service.

Other Important Factors

The window measurements are crucial in case the glass has to be replaced instead of repaired. Simply measure all the visible glass before calling and have those numbers handy. It may be possible to replace one panel of glass or replace one layer of a double pane system without breaking the seal.

The last piece of information to provide is any barriers or circumstances that may increase the difficulty of installation. Second- or third-story windows, those blocked by tree limbs, or windows with a damaged frame are a few examples of situations that may lead to a higher price quote. A drastic drop-off into the lake at one side of the house is a perfect example because installers will have to take extra time and employ special safety measures to properly deal with Glass Repair in Reno.

Not Just Windows

An experienced glass company technician will also be able to provide other residential glass repairs and replacements. Mirrors, shower enclosures, skylights, and patio doors can also be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. Custom work is also offered. A small bathroom will appear bigger if the shower curtain is replaced with a custom glass enclosure. Homeowners can Click Here for details on capabilities and to view past custom projects.

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