Injured in a Fall? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Harford County, MD

Tripping over a tear in a carpet is a common accident that can cause very serious injuries. These injuries can lead to large medical bills and lost income. If the person fell while they were shopping, the business owner may be responsible for compensating the injured person. However, the injured person must prove that certain conditions existed to receive payment. They must also be ready to deal with an insurance company because most businesses carry insurance to protect them from these costs. Hiring a personal injury attorney in Harford County, MD to help them understand their rights is a wise strategy.

The attorney will meet with the injured person to review their case and determine who is liable. In order for the injured person to receive compensation, the owner or one of their employees must have caused the tear in the carpet or known about the tear and done nothing to fix it. The owner can’t claim that they didn’t know about it and therefore aren’t liable. It is their responsibility to have management procedures in place that keep their property safe. However, they do have a reasonable time period to respond to unsafe conditions.

After the personal injury attorney in Harford County, MD determines that their client does have a case, they will work with medical professionals to determine the cost of the medical treatment. They will also calculate the lost income caused by the accident. The injured person may also be eligible to be paid for any emotional distress caused by the accident. If the person is expected to make a full recovery and eventually return to their job, these calculations can be straightforward. However, if the injuries will last a lifetime and reduce the ability of the person to work, the insurance company will do everything to minimize its long-term cost.

People may worry that they can’t afford this type of legal representation. The first meeting is usually free and lawyers take these kinds of cases on a contingency basis. They are paid a percentage of any financial settlement they win for their client. Injured people can learn more about this by doing online research. They can visit websites such as to learn more about the process.

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