Install Gutters in Topeka, KS to Channel Drainage into the Proper Location

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Roofing Contractor

Gutters channel rainwater off of the roof and away from the home. If Gutters in Topeka KS are not functioning properly, the home’s siding can be ruined and the foundation may even crack. It is important that the gutters be installed properly and inspected on a regular basis. A roofing contractor will normally check the gutters when he inspects the roof. He makes sure that they are attached to the roof and that there are no leaks. The seams that connect gutter segments are the most common location for leaks.


Once the gutters have collected the water, they channel it into downspouts. It is critical that downspouts deposit the water far enough away from the foundation. Usually this is about 24 inches. However, certain soil conditions may mandate a larger distance. If the downspout is too close to the house, too much water accumulates in the soil. This creates additional pressure against the foundation. It can become so great that it cracks the foundation.


Gutters have to be clean to work efficiently. Over time leaves, debris and dirt can clog them. When this occurs water just spills over the top and run downs the side of the house. Water damage on the inside of the house can occur, along with ruined siding and a leaky foundation. Homeowners have to get up on high ladders to clean out the gutters or they have to hire someone to do it for them.


An alternative method is to use leaf guards over the top of the gutter. If these are not designed properly, they keep out the leaves but allow in dirt that can still clog up the gutters. Having screens on the top make it even harder to get out the dirt. A new gutter design called Shur Flo has successfully tackled this problem. Using an innovative perforated gutter top design, both leaves and dirt are kept out of the gutter. It fits on top of existing gutters and is invisible from the ground. Air is allowed to circulate under wet leaves. Once they dry out, the wind blows them away. People can check BBB ratings of Assurance Exteriors for more information.

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