Installing Stucco Patio Covers in Las Vegas NV

Nothing speaks to a luxurious lifestyle on a reasonable budget better than a covered patio. Creating an island of tranquility and shelter from the elements, a solid cover patio allows one to enjoy the outdoors, partake the cool evening breezes, or sit in the shade. And one can sit under the covered patio and enjoy the backyard whether it’s a sunny day or raining. But the other element of the equation has to be style. Because, while any patio cover will do to provide all-weather protection during the season, only a few designs add that extra touch of class to complement the house and make a personal statement.

In Las Vegas, many homes are built in Adobe or Mission style. With these structures, the exterior walls are coated with a stucco surface to simulate the look and feel of sandstone. Now, it will never do justice to such a classical design to simply attach an aluminum patio cover onto the back. That would look simply cheap and tacky by comparison. A patio cover should be thought of in the same terms as any addition to the house. What this means is that the style of the covered patio should match that of the house it’s attached to. And in these cases, as well as with more modernistic designs with stucco exteriors, the choice that becomes obvious is a stucco patio cover.

When it comes to installing stucco patio covers in Las Vegas NV, the contractor you select should have a design book from which to select the perfect complementary design for the home. With a Mission house, an arch motif with sparse trim would create the impression of the patio as a cloister, a special private space for meditation and relaxation. More modern-styled stucco homes would be accented best with heavy stucco beams and trim accents. And it is not a difficult building project to have undertaken. Stucco is an easy material to work with. Spreadable on any surface, it hardens fairly quickly and will be indistinguishable from the original walls once they’re painted with matching color. When finished, the overall effect will be simultaneously stunning and subtle, as if the patio cover had always been an original part of the house.

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