Instructions On Installing Trailer Jacks in North Dakota

When trailers are possessed of a heavy tongue weight, they need something to help them lift the front of the trailer so that it is capable of clearing the hitch ball of the towed vehicle. This is done by using Trailer Jacks in North Dakota. Installing a trailer jack is usually not too difficult. Here are instructions on exactly how to do so.

Step 1

The first thing that should be done is to hitch the trailer to the vehicle that is being towed. This will make the installation of the jack that much easier. Using a hydraulic jack, temporarily lift the tongue of the trailer while the vehicle is backed up underneath the hitch of the trailer. Be certain that the wheels are chocked before this is done.

Step 2

The next step is to figure out where the best position on the tongue is to mount the trailer jack. This can be done by hand. Hold the jack in hand and manually determine where the best spot is. There should be enough clearance for the jack when driving over bumps in the road and enough space for the jack so that it does not bump into anything when it is in the stowed position.

Step 3

Place the jack into the lowered position by adjusting the swivel plate. Place the trailer jack against the tongue rail of the trailer where the installation will occur. The jack should then be lowered until it touches the caster. This can be done by turning the crank of the jack handle in a counter-clockwise rotation.

Step 4

Next, the jack can be attached to the rail of the trailer tongue by using the accompanying hardware which comes with the jack from Next, it would be wise to get a partner to help with the following step. Take the jack and hold it to the outside of the tongue rail. The mounting bars should be held to the inside of the tongue rail. Take the bolts that came with the hardware kit and run them through the mounting holes. Hold the bolts in place with lock washers and nuts.

That is all there is to installing Trailer Jacks in North Dakota. If this sounds too complicated, it may be best to have a professional install the trailer jack themselves.

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