Investing in Green Plumbing Services

In a world of wind farms and solar energy, there is a lot of talk about going green. Another area in which homeowners might consider green energy is related to their plumbing. Plumbing services in Atlanta can transform normal homes into energy-efficient wonders. Green plumbing has a variety of benefits, including reduced energy costs, helping the environment and creating a healthier atmosphere.

Whether it’s time to build a new home or simply upgrade the current plumbing, the costs of choosing green options are quite comparable to going with the standard choices. If the price does seem to be a bit higher when using green plumbing services in Atlanta, saving money on utility bills each month easily makes up for the difference in cost.

Here are some areas in which homeowners can go greener with their plumbing. First, consider insulating the pipes. As water moves from the hot water heater to each faucet, heat is lost through the walls. This will also keep pipes from bursting in cold weather and cut down on the water heater’s standby energy loss. If the pipe installation is new, do whatever is possible to avoid placing pipes near exterior walls. Insulation helps save money in both heating and potential repair costs.

While it can be costly, installing a new water heater is another way to save money on plumbing. Older systems are not as advanced and are significantly less energy efficient. A new water heater will run better and save energy costs. This home appliance uses a good portion of the home’s total energy needs and the quality of the equipment matters.

Another new device that will help cut corners is an on-demand hot water circulation pump. These pumps work faster in terms of getting the water from the heater to the faucet. This saves both water and money, as users no longer have to run water until it heats up. Also, it eliminates having hot water sitting in the pipes unused.

Other options offered by plumbing services in Atlanta that could be utilized to go green include installing a water filtration system for the whole house, incorporating chlorine filters on the showerheads, using low-flush toilets and low-flow faucets, and purchasing a home leak monitoring device. Naturally, any energy-efficient appliances in the home will help as well.

Once homeowners decide to have a healthier home, it’s time to locate the right plumbing services in Atlanta to get started. Not all plumbing services in Atlanta are equipped to recommend the right options for a green home.

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