Is A Dsl Internet Provider Right For You?

Trying to figure out what type of internet you should get may not be as obvious as one might think. With options ranging from Cable and DSL, and varying speeds offered by internet providers, have you ever thought about which DSL internet provider is right for you?

Remember Dial-up?

A DSL internet provider uses your phone line to connect to the internet. Remember the dial-up internet back in the day? When you couldn’t use the phone at the same as you were connected to the internet? And the damage it did to that phone bill as well. Wasn’t pretty. Well, a DSL modem is what allows you to now simultaneously surf the web and talk on the phone. Not only that, but the speed is a lot faster, too.

Speed vs Price

A DSL internet connection won’t necessarily reach the same speed as cable internet, however if you’re not downloading and uploading a whole lot, you might not need all that speed. Forgoing speed will in many cases saves you money. DSL internet providers tend to be cheaper, while cable internet tends to be faster.

If the purpose of your internet service is to check your email and perhaps read up on some local news, DSL internet is probably what you’re looking for. Why pay more for speed that you won’t use?

Home Phone or Cell Phone?

In case you were wondering, though a DSL internet provider uses your home phone line, you actually don’t need to have a home phone to sign up and use the service. The internet service provider simply uses the same telephone lines for sending the signal through. That said, most do. If you rely on your cell phone to function as both a home and away phone, it might make sense to simply go with a cable internet provider like Safelink. Most offer cheaper packages that rival DSL packages, and you have the added bonus of higher speed, should the need ever arise. Call Safelink Internet today to learn about their services in southern Idaho at 888 692-5776. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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