Is it Time for a Deck Replacement in Kansas City, MO?

As much as you like using your deck, it may be too hazardous to use. Sometimes a deck needs more than a repair; it needs to be switched out in its entirety. If your deck no longer feels secure or features weak areas, you need to contact a professional about a new installation.

For example, a deck replacement in Kansas City, MO should be made if you notice that some of the posts are rotted. Newer decks today are usually designed with concrete footings. The footings, which are inserted several inches above ground, are designed with a bracket to keep water away from the post.

What Is the Condition of the Posts?

Older decks often feature posts that rest right on the footings. This type of design can lead to water absorption and rotting. Wood posts that have not been pressure-treated often exhibit this issue. Because a rotting post loses strength as time progresses, it ultimately cannot hold a deck’s weight. Therefore, you need to schedule a deck replacement if you notice that several of the posts are damaged.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

You should strongly consider calling a contractor such as Kansas City Remodeling and Handyman Allen if you notice that the railings around your deck are wobbly. While a loose railing will not cause your deck to collapse, it is still an accident waiting to happen. If you have younger children or elderly family members in your household, this type of problem should be fixed immediately.

A Secure Attachment

If you opt for a deck replacement, the rails will be secured with bolts, washers, and nuts to keep them secure. No more problems with nails coming loose! Using bolts fastens the railing securely and keeps it from getting damaged.

How Is the Ledger Board Holding up?

A deck’s ledger board is probably the most important part of a deck as it is a deck’s main support beam. If a ledger board is not fastened properly or it is in a deteriorated state, the deck can literally fall away from the house. If you notice that your ledger board is in poor shape, you need to schedule a deck replacement as soon as possible. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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