Is It Time to Change Radiator Pressure Caps?

Even for people who love cars, it can be difficult to know exactly when to replace what part of your vehicle. Luckily, most car parts give you signals when they need you to replace them. However, you have to pay attention if you want to catch every symptom. Below are some of the signs that radiator pressure caps give when they need to be repaired or replaced:


If you can identify the cap in your vehicle, you can quickly check for specific signs of damage. If you notice any rust on your radiator pressure cap, it’s time to make a change. The rust can cause damage to your vehicle and lead to further problems down the road. Replace it now, before things get too bad.

Leaking Fluid

Generally speaking, your vehicle should not leak. You can expect some fluid to come out when the air conditioning runs. However, you should pay attention when any other liquid comes out unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it may not be as obvious when radiator pressure caps leak as when others do the same.

That is why it is crucial for you to check your vehicle for signs of leakage. When your radiator cap gives out, you may notice white spots around the cap. This is the primary sign of leaking fluid. As soon as you see these spots, you should order a new part.

Low Pressure

Radiator pressure caps help maintain proper pressure in the radiator. If the cap malfunctions, you may notice a drop in pressure. To test for this problem, you need a cooling system pressure tester.

If you perform this test on your own, be sure to let the cooling system rest before you open the hood and remove the cap. It can be dangerous to work on this project while the car is still cooling down. Then, follow precise directions from your tester. If you find that the pressure is low, it may be time to replace the cap. Visit for more information.

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